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Cell-Phone Use While Driving

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Cell-Phones can kill.  I am not talking about the possible risk of cancer.  I am talking about the use of a cell-phone while driving a vehicle.  In a recent case filed in Fulton County Georgia an employee of International Paper Company rear ended another vehicle while talking on a cell-phone.

Combined with the cell-phone use, the cruse control was set at 77mph in a 70mph zone.  This allowed the jury to consider and award punitive damages.  International Paper agreed to pay $5.2 million to settle the suit.  Damages included loss of an arm to a widowed mother of four.

I have cautioned for years now about the danger of talking on a cell-phone while driving.  In the little town where I live, it seems like everyone has a cell-phone to their ear while driving.  There are several studies that show cell-phone usage is just as dangerous as driving while intoxicated, but people just continue to do it.

And the studies show hands free usage is just as dangerous.  Some data shows it is nine times more dangerous to drive while talking on a cell-phone.   It is time we all band together to stop this dangerous practice.  If we need to talk to someone, why not just pull off the road.  What’s a few minutes, or just wait until we get to where we are going to take the call.