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Justice for Tornado Bus Line Accident Victims?

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Why have there been no updates on this tragedy or news stories about the victims. One reason is because the bus accident is not being reviewed by the National Transportation Safety Board. This fact means that this tragedy has then become unnewsworthy. Another fact could be that because the vast majority of victims did not speak English means they are less likely to seek justice for their harms.

In the past few days, it has been published that the driver of the Tornado commercial bus, Felix Tapia, has been ticketed 4 times since 2001 for speeding according to records for the Texas Department of Safety. When the spokesperson for the bus line, Jennifer Rodriquez, was questioned, she refused to answer most questions pertaining to bus or driver safety issues. She also refused to answer questions about the company’s past safety violations or testing of its drivers for drugs or alcohol. It is feared that many of the victims will not receive just compensation for their anguish or pain. One way that people can receive justice in these horrible situations is for information about the situation to be brought to light through media attention. We as Arkansans should not just let this go away. All people on our roadways deserve proper protection and should be assured of safe passage when they step on a Tornado commercial bus that will be traveling our roadways. We at Bailey and Oliver Law Firm care about situations like this when the average, ordinary people are overlooked. Call us today for justice and compassion.

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