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Life Lost in Motorcycle Wreck in Northeast Arkansas

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Hurshel Bentley, 57, was killed in a wreck in Fulton County on October 21. Mr. Bentley died when he lost control of his motorcycle on Highway 62-412 west of Salem. His 2005 Suzuki crossed the center line while attempting to negotiate a curve, hitting another vehicle in the opposite lane head on.

At the point of impact, Bentley was thrown from his motorcycle into the west bound lane at which point he was struck by a Ford Escape. His cycle was then hit by a fourth vehicle involved in the accident. Bentley was transported to Baxter Regional Medical Center, and then transported to a Springfield, Mo. hospital where he died from injuries sustained in the wreck.

Motorcycle accidents and fatalities have risen each year. Because accidents involving motorcycles so often include catastophic injuries, the lawyers at Bailey and Oliver Law Firm are trained to help you or loved ones involved in such accidents.

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