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What do I do After I Have been Involved in a Car Accident?

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In 2006, government statistics revealed that an automobile accident occurs every 11 minutes. That is a stagering statistic. Because they happen so often, it only makes sense to know what to do if and when you are involved in one. This is particularly true in today’s legal environment of advertising, direct mail solicitation, aggressive and hostile insurance tactics, or even worse, runners.

What is a runner? A runner is an individual working with an attorney and/or a doctor (this includes chiropractors) to run down new clients using unethical and, many times, illegal methods. In the information age in which we live, these folks obtain your information from the Accident Report that is prepared by the police agency responding to the accident. They then contact you in a "race" to get the new client.

But not only are certain lawyers and doctors racing to the new "client/patient" for their own financial gain, insurance companies are, likewise, "racing" to the scene in an effort to "assist" you. Do not be fooled. These insurance adjusters are looking out for the best interests of the insurance company, not yours.

So, what should I do? First and foremost, seek medical attention from a trusted source. Your local hospital or a doctor (including chiropractors) you already have a patient/doctor relationship with. The recent death of actress Natasha Richardson is a clear reminder that some injuries are much greater than they may seem at first.

Secondly, JUST SAY NO!! Say "NO" to recorded statements. DO NOT let anyone record your version of the facts before you have spoken to an attorney. And when choosing an attorney, I suggest you choose one based upon a referral or reputation….not advertising or solicitation letters.

And finally, check out this link on the InjuryBoard.com website on what to do after a car accident. You will find some very helpful information in this article.