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Margaret Embry

Bicycle Safety Tips and Resources to Avoid Serious Injury

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA),

In 2007, 698 pedalcyclists were killed and an additional 44,000 were injured in traffic crashes. Pedalcyclist deaths…

Paul N. Ford

Wearing a Bicycle Helmet May Save Your Life if You are in a Bicycle Accident

I have been an avid cyclist for years and look forward to Daylight Savings time so that the days are longer and I can get in a bike ride after work. Already this year I have seen many others heading out for a ride in the afternoon now that we have had a few warm days as well. Yet sadly, I notice many are not wearing a helmet.

Paul N. Ford

What do I do After I Have been Involved in a Car Accident?

In 2006, government statistics revealed that an automobile accident occurs every 11 minutes. That is a stagering statistic. Because they happen so often, it only makes sense to know what to do if…

Paul N. Ford

A Car Wreck with an Uninsured Driver: What do I do?

More and more drivers do not have insurance. The law refers to these people as uninsured motorists. And being in a car wreck with such a motorist can be extremely damaging to you, beyond the injuries you may have suffered. So, how can you protect yourself?

Paul N. Ford

How to Exercise Safely and Avoid Bicycle Accidents

This past summer saw two tragic incidents invloving pedestrians/cyclists and automobiles. To make matters worse, both tragedies could have been avoided by the pedestrian/cyclist taking…

Paul N. Ford

Underride: An Unknown Danger

As we drive the highways of our state and nation, we come into contact over and over again with a great danger….vehicle underride. I am referring to the danger posed by tractor-trailers by the…

Frank Bailey

Can I Afford To Have An Attorney Represent Me?

Attorney’s contingent fee agreements have recently been under attack by large multinational corporations and the insurance industry. It is important that victims of personal injury understand why an…

Drew Dixon

State Senator Urging Extension for Rule on Roof-Crush

Each year more than 10,000 people are killed in rollover crashes making roof safety standards important. However, roof safety standards have not be revised in more than three decades. In a recent press release, Mark Pryor, the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Automobile Safety, Consumer Affairs and Insurance, stated that he would like to see a smart standard for all vehicles.

Frank Bailey

Are Hands-Free Better Than Hand-Held Cell Phones In Preventing Accidents

Most people agree that cell phone use increases the risk of accidents. But, is there a difference between hands-free and hand-held?
In a recent study, a branch of the Brookings Institute found…

Frank Bailey

Cell Phones and Driving Don't Mis

Cell-phones are everywhere. It is common practice now for lawyers to ask about cell-phone use during an accident. Studies overwhelmingly show that talking on a cell-phone while driving increases…