Jonesboro, Arkansas


Paul N. Ford

Tort Reform: Why Conservatives Should Oppose It

I recently attended a legal seminar and heard Ken Connor, an attorney from Florida, speak. Ken is a conservative trial lawyer. And his perspective on tort reform and people of conservative ideology…

Kim Cooksey

Legal Nurse Consulting

A review of medical records by a practicing nurse can be of great help when a potential client asks for assistance in pursuing medical malpractice claims. The legal nurse consultant has experience…

Drew Dixon

Popular Kids' Meals Contain Too Many Calories

More than 90 percent of kids’ meals at popular fast-food restaurants contain far more than a meals worth of calories. In fact, the kids’ meals also are loaded with too much fat and salt.

Frank Bailey

What Damages Am I Entitled To?

In the United States we have a very important right. That is a right to be compensated in money for the harm that we have endured because of negligence.
And that makes sense. If society allowed…

Drew Dixon

Ten Year Old Boy Dies From “Dry Drowning”

“Dry Drowning” is one more concern parents should have this summer as they take their children to swim. While it may sound impossible, the recent death of a 10 year old boy in South Carolina has doctors warning parents of such a danger.

Frank Bailey

Who Are Trial Lawyers?

How often do you wonder what it is like to be a trial lawyer? Are the accounts of John Grisham accurate? Are trial lawyers all like Gerrry Spence? Are trial lawyers really the greedy bloodsuckers…

Jeanie Oliver

Hazards at Home-Cleaning Up Your Space

For those of us approaching middle age, we have to wonder as we watch the nightly news: "What have we been exposed to in our lifetime?" More and more we are learning that all of the things around us…

Jeanie Oliver

CPR-Don’t Overthink It, Just Do It

Having a health condition that affects the mechanics of my heart has made me more aware of what would I do if the person sitting next to me fell over. You see I can identify with that paniced…

Drew Dixon

Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association Awards Sach Oliver Outstanding Young Lawyer

The Arkansas Trial Lawyers Association announced today that, Sach Oliver is the recipient of the organization’s 2008 Outstanding Young Lawyer Award.

Jeanie Oliver

Student Leadership Banquet at ASU

Last Thursday, Sach and I drove to Arkansas State University in Jonesboro to attend the Student Leadership Banquet. Sach was the guest speaker. The banquet was held in the new student center at ASU…