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Questionable Doctors

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Has your doctor been disciplined? The National Practitioner Data Bank is kept secret from both patients and from almost all physicians thanks to the American Medical Association’s successful lobbying for secrecy when the legislation concerning the Data Bank was being considered.

Public Citizen’s Health Research Group has established its own data bank of doctors who have been disciplined. The data bank lists 20,125 doctors disciplined by either state medical boards or federal agencies. The most frequent offenses listed were substandard care, criminal convictions, overprescribing drugs, substance abuse and sexual abuse of a patient.

Analysis of the 2,232 doctors who were the subjects of DEA disciplinary actions revealed that hundreds were not the subject of any state disciplinary action, even though their federal narcotics license had been revoked or restricted.

Of the 3,232 doctors who were subjects of Medicare disciplinary action, hundreds were not disciplined by their state boards.

We at the Bailey and Oliver Law Firm believe the National Practitioner Data Bank should be removed from the cloud of secrecy and the public should have access to its contents. Why have lists if the public cannot access the information? We believe health care safety would be improved if the list was made public. If you have been the victim of a medical error shouldn’t you have the right to look at your doctors record? Frank Bailey is listed in Best Lawyers in America and has over 30 years experience with medical cases.

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