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Arkansas Flooding Still A Grave Danger

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The skies are clear and no rain in the forecast. It would seem that the dangers of last week’s rain had passed. Unfortunately, this is not the case for residents of the Arkansas “prairie” region in eastern Arkansas. The flash point centers around a break on Saturday in the 60-year old levee that held back the Black River in Northeast Arkansas.

Flash flood watches were issued for this area of Arkansas along the White River. The Black River enters the White River near Newport in northeast Arkansas. The imminent danger lies with the fact that water will be now pouring into areas where people have not seen it before, and may lack proper warning or expectations of high water.

Early estimates from Arkansas emergency management officials place the monetary damage of flood damage in Arkansas at $2 million dollars. This includes damage to homes, farms, businesses, and infrastructure. Last week, Governor Beebe declared 35 counties disaster areas. This declaration and the damage estimates were before the breaks in the Black River levee and new predictions of additional flooding.