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Child Safety and School Buses

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All parents deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing their children are safe and secure on their way to school. In rural America we tend to take for granted the rumble of a big yellow school bus rambling down the road delivering the vast majority of school children to school and back home.

Traditional school buses remain the safest form of school transportation. However, there are deaths and injuries each year that involve school buses and other vehicles. Most school bus injuries and deaths occur in the “danger zone”, the 10 foot parameter around the school bus. Children who are injured in this zone are hit by the bus because they are too close to it or struck by other vehicles who have ignored the bus or the bus stop sign. Even though schools teach and practice bus safety, there are precautions and education that parents can utilize.

Parents should not hesitate to make school bus safety an issue with their local school associations. Since most children listen in a one-on-one situation much better, parents can ask to instuct their own child about bus safety using one of the school’s buses while parked at the school after hours. Most bus drivers would willingly work with a parent to talk to children with the parents present.

We at Bailey and Oliver Law Firm know that the safety of ones child is utmost in every parent’s mind. We are here to provide help and legal services if your child has been endangered at any time in their young lives.