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Focus Groups-Mock Trials-Jury Projects

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Jury trials are an essential part of the American legal system. You are guaranteed a trial and a jury of your peers in the U.S. Constitution. What you are not given an absolute guarantee for would be every single aspect of the lives and opinions of the final group of jurors who hear your case. Who knew that even with the best possible prep in voire dire, that a juror would spend so much time in the final decision of your case and your client’s hopes talking about when THEIR dog was killed!

Because you need to know what every single aspect of your case will sound like to a juror, focus group juries can provide those unique oppotunities to try out different approaches and vocabulary in the presentation of your case.
Sometimes we get caught up in how to prepare the case and need a vivid reminder that we in the legal profession thought that where the blood was located was important. But, the focus jury had 5 people on it that zeroed in on the fact that the kitchen curtains were open! Now these are just hypothetical made-up facts, but I would want my attorney to find this out before they brought my case into the coutroom.

Focus groups, as conducted by Bailey and Oliver Law Firm, will help you identify issues that are important to a given demographic of jurors and their responses are video taped and interpreted. Focus groups also let you prepare different styles of openings and closings and assess their impact on a jury. One of the most important reasons to consider a mock trial in Bailey and Oliver’s simulated courtroom is that jurors react and express themselves differently as they perceive a judge and courtroom protocol.

As you prepare your case, a focus group jury can let you see which of your ideas are weak or harmful. Always better to know this before striding onto the battlefield! In my experience, one of the single-most important characteristics of a mock trial is to find out what questions jurors want to know the answers to when presented the facts of your case. In closing, focus groups come as close as you can get to reading a juror’s mind, something every attorney has wanted to be able to do sometime in their career!