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Heprin Recall Continues

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On March 21, 2008 B. Braun Medical, Inc instituted a nationwide recall of Heparin. The recall affected 23 lots of Heparin manufactured and distributed by B. Braun Medical Inc both here and in Canada.

There have been numerous reports of serious injuries and deaths in patients who have received Heparin injectable products. The typical symptoms include anaphylactic like reactions…abdominal pain, vomiting, shortness of breath, low blood pressure, and nausea.

One of the ingredients in the solution was imported from China. Early reports indicate the Chinese company substituted a cheaper drug for the real drug causing the problems.

It is time that drug companies stop putting profit before safety and accept accountability for the harm they cause. You can help by alerting friends and family of this latest recall of Heparin. If we here at the Bailey and Oliver Law firm can help, just let us know. We want to make America a safer place to live.