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Suit Filed in Tornado Bus Wreck

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Last week, Bailey and Oliver Law Firm filed a lawsuit in the Circuit Court of St. Francis County, Arkansas against Tornado Bus Company, Inc. for Mary Alice Royko and James A Royko. The suit arises out of a wreck that occurred on November 25, 2007 on I-40 near Forest City, Arkansas.

The suit alleges that over the last 30 months, Tornado Bus Company has had 32 moving violations and its buses have been involved in 8 crashes. Inspection of the Tornado bus revealed 8 violations of Federal Safety Regulations ranging from inadequate reservoir for brakes to the use of illegal drugs by the driver, to false reporting of the driver’s duty status. Additional information concerning violations of Federal Regulations by Tornado can be found at SafeStat Online.

The suit seeks both compensatory and punitive damages based on negligent hiring, training and violation of Federal Safety Regulations.

As the suit progresses we will post more information gleaned from our discovery.