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How often do you wonder what it is like to be a trial lawyer?  Are the accounts of John Grisham accurate?  Are trial lawyers all like Gerrry Spence?  Are trial lawyers really the greedy bloodsuckers the insurance industry and big corporations would have you believe?

Most trial lawyers are honest hard working people.  They have families.  They have feelings.  They work long hours to get compensation for the wrongs that have been inflicted on their clients.  Why then, are there so many people who believe trial lawyers are greedy bloodsuckers?  Could it be they believe the garbage put out by the insurance industry and big corporations?

If we do something wrong and hurt someone we should be accountable, but many wrongdoers do not want to accept that responsibility.  Do big corporations want to accept responsibility for their wrongs…very rarely?  Do insurance companies want to compensate their policyholders for their injuries in full…very rarely?

So the insurance companies and big corporations have successfully poisoned people’s minds against trial lawyers so it is difficult to recover money damages for our clients.  But the tide is changing.  Lawyers like Gerry Spence are protecting families by teaching attorneys how to present their case and win against powerful corporate and government interests. 

Sach and I host a seminar in Northwest Arkansas every fall to help attorneys win for their clients.  We believe that by providing good information to all lawyers, families that have been wronged, will have a fighting chance to recover from the wrongdoer.

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