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I have been an avid cyclist for years and look forward to Daylight Savings time so that the days are longer and I can get in a bike ride after work. Already this year I have seen many others heading out for a ride in the afternoon now that we have had a few warm days as well. Yet sadly, I notice many are not wearing a helmet.

Having had numerous crashes, I know well how important it is to wear a helmet. Over 10 years ago I had a bad wreck that broke my collarbone and wrist. And that was after I broke my fall with my head. But for my helmet, I have no doubt that I would have been killed.

"It is so important that everyone who rides a bicycle wears a helmet," said Sara Snelling, a physical therapist at HealthSouth Deaconess Rehabilitation Hospital. "The risk of brain injury from a bicycle accident could be reduced by almost 90 percent if a helmet is worn."

The next great mistake that is made is by cyclist who think they are too experienced to wear a helmet. I myself made that mistake one day. I missed being hit by a car at highway speeds by less than 100 feet. I have worn one everytime since. And don’t think it cannot happen to you. The infamous Lance Armstrong was recently involved in a wreck. No one cam claim more expereience than that!

Armstrong reportedly remains hospitalized in Spain following a crash this morning. The seven-time Tour de France champ was participating in his first professional race on European soil since winning his last yellow jersey when he got caught up in a massive pile-up involving dozens of other riders.

Reports say Armstrong went down about 12.5 miles from the finish line during the first stage of the 5-day race. Sources say the star athlete broke his collarbone. Some reports say the father of three young children (and one more on the way) appeared to be in considerable pain as he was rushed by ambulance to the Rio Carrion hospital in Palencia. Other reports say Armstrong has withdrawn from the race and will be flying back to the United States to seek advanced medical care

So when you head out on your bike for a little exercise, wear that helmet. It may just save your life. And after you follow safety tip #1, make sure you obey all safety and traffic laws.

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