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More and more drivers do not have insurance. The law refers to these people as uninsured motorists. And being in a car wreck with such a motorist can be extremely damaging to you, beyond the injuries you may have suffered. So, how can you protect yourself?

First, you should have full coverage. Both uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. Having minimum "liability only" coverage can cost you significantly. For example, you only have liability coverage and you are hit by a driver who ran a red light; then to make matters worse, this negligent driver does not have insurance. Because you had liability coverage only, there will be no insurance proceeds to repair your car, nor coverage for your injuries.

If you had uninsured motorist coverage, there would be coverage for both your car repair and any injuries you and/or your family may have suffered.

So, why have underinsured coverage? The State of Arkansas only requires a minimum of $25,000 in coverage per claim, $50,000 per occurrence. If that same driver that ran the red light only had the minimum coverage and you or a passenger were (unfortunatley) seriously injured, there may not be enough coverage to cover your medical bills, much less any lost wages or pain and suffering. By having underinsured coverage, you have provided extra coverage to protect you from these losses.

While it is my sincere hope that you are never involved in a car wreck, you may very well be in one some day…I sure have. And if that unfortunate event does in fact occur, not having sufficeint insurance coverage will only make it worse. So, protect yourself and your family and discuss these matters with your insurance agent. And I bet you will be surprised how little this very valuable and added coverage will cost.

Finally, when driving, be safe and buckle up!

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